Weed and Pest Management

Weed & Pest management

Better Homes Supplies has a number of aisles dedicated to the eradication of insects, vermin and weeds.

Mice and rats can become quite a problem if not dealt with immediately. Along with the old-fashioned traps and baits, we have a number of innovative alternatives to help prevent their presence in the first place or to remove them humanely once they invite themselves into our homes and yards.

A variety of snake repellers are also available. These products are devised to keep snakes on the move, so they do not loiter or set-up housekeeping on your property.

Better Homes Supplies has a great range of products for killing flying and crawling insects once they have invaded indoors and products suitable for outdoor use under verandahs and in the garden.

And of course we have personal insect repellants, citronella oils and citronella candles.

Our range also includes plant and/or insect specific dusts, oils, granules, pellets and sprays such as rose dust, citrus dust, white oil and concentrates for mixing your own spray.

A variety of weed killers and poisons are kept, including products that feed the grass whilst killing the weeds that threaten to overtake your lawn.

And don’t forget we have all the tools you need for manually removing weeds like forks and spades as well as measuring jugs, sprayers and containers for safe storage of unused chemical.

For your personal safety we stock a huge variety of gloves, face masks, boots and coveralls to keep you from coming into contact with harmful chemicals. Always read the labels for specific safety requirements and always keep your pets away from chemicals either in storage or whilst being used.

Remember we do need insects, worms and micro-organisms for a healthy garden. Obviously we don’t want a beehive at the back door or ants nesting in our pavers, so a balanced approach is needed. Why not come into Better Homes Supplies and let our Mighty Helpful staff help you select the right products for your specific pest and weed management?

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