Safety and PPE

Safety & PPE

At Better Homes Supplies we stock a huge range of safety gear which ticks OH&S boxes for work or is just plain common sense around the house and garden.

Keep the sun off with a variety of hats and hat accessories, including brims for hard hats and we even have polarised safety glasses available.

Keep the rain out with rubber boots, raincoats and wet weather pants.

Keep your hands safe and clean with gardening gloves or for heavier duty work, we have a huge variety of gloves for almost every situation.

Safety glasses, hi vis, wet weather and heavy duty apparel. Heavy duty socks, work boots, ear muffs, ear buds, face masks, safety cones and bunting. Fencing, scaffolding, knee pads, the list goes on and on and on.

Come on in to Better Homes Supplies where we can kit you out with everything you need to help keep you protected and safe whilst getting the job done!

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