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Spruce up for Summer
Make The Great Outdoors Even Greater

Hi there,

Outdoor entertaining is a great Australian tradition.  With summer in full swing and the Australia Day long weekend coming up, it might be high time to give your backyard a makeover.  Check out our tips on hosting a great Aussie BBQ, from building a decent deck to having the best barbie in the land. 


From all of us at Selleys, we hope you're having a great summer.

Better Homes Supplies Team

Decked out for Summer

Nothing beats a mid-summer backyard barbie - especially if guests don't have to stand around while you're flipping the steaks. Good all-weather furniture, a decent-sized table and a designated area such as a deck, help define an outdoor 'room' for long, lazy gatherings. Building a deck is every DIYer's dream and it's not as hard as it looks.

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Ask the Expert

Q.How do I remove hardened Araldite from a glass table and metal legs? Even after chipping at it, scraping and sanding there will be a residue left on the surface. Is there a way to completely remove this?

A. Hi Mark

Araldite will soften if it is heated to up around 90 degC - 100 degC. Once softened and while still hot you should be able to scrape it off the surfaces. Once it cools it will harden again.

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  Time For A Grilling
 Time for a grilling

When we asked people to Dob in a Dirty Barbie, little did we know the crimes we would have to witness. The horror. The horror. They've been battered, they've been bruised. They've been downright disgusting. We've posted the worst of them on the Barbie Wall of Shame. Be sure to check it out.

We're not suggesting your barbie-pride would let yours get to such a state, but if you have a mate with a rancid hotplate, make sure you share it with us and vote. The Dirty Barbie with the most votes wins a brand new, shiny, actually-worth-eating-off Beefeater Bugg worth $599. We're also giving away 10 Selleys BBQ prize packs every week. And don't forget the winning pic wins a Beefeater BBQ worth $1599.

If you've been using Selleys BBQ Wipes and your grill is brill, go big over the Australia Day long weekend - stoke, spray and splat and make the mess of a lifetime. If you want to win the best barbie in the land (and don't you deserve it?) this is your last chance to enter our Dob in a Dirty Barbie competition. Hurry - the comp closes on January 27.

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