Hoses, Irrigation and Watering Accessories

hoses, Irrigation & watering Accessories

There’s not many inhabited places on earth as dry as northern South Australia. Keeping your lawn, garden beds and pot plants hydrated needs to be efficient, saving you time and money.

At Better Homes Supplies we stock everything you need to create the correct irrigation for each section of your garden.

Sprinklers and soaker hoses for your lawns, drippers for trees, micro sprays for garden beds and so much more. All these can be integrated into one turn of a tap or you can go digital and set and forget!

Our range of hoses includes garden hose, clear vinyl tubing, LLDPE tubing, petrol resistant hose, black poly pipe, dripper hose, drainage hose and soaker hose.

And then there’s watering cans, spray guns, hose connectors, hose reels, tap fittings and tap timers. But it doesn’t stop there, we also have durable brass fittings, water wells and all sorts of innovative watering solutions.

So come in to Better Homes Supplies where our Mighty Helpful staff can help you find the right watering solution for your garden.

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