Homewares and Cleaning

Homewares & Cleaning

Kitchen and Dining Solutions
Whether you love to cook or are a “get in, get fed, get out” kind of person, Better Homes Supplies have the products you need to make preparing meals a pleasure.
We keep a range of crockery, cutlery, glassware, servingware, cookware, cooking utensils and food storers to make preparing and serving meals a pleasure.

Preserving Solutions
Remember Nanna’s apricots, pears and peaches? No matter what the season, there was always fruit and icecream at her table. Preserves are back in fashion and you too can have your favourite fruit and veg all year round with Fowlers preserving kits and dehydrators. When the Greengrocer’s price is right, or you are enjoying a bumper harvest from your own backyard, with small effort you can preserve fresh fruit and veg or dry and store fresh herbs with Fowlers and Better

Water Filters
Why spend money on bottled water when you can produce your own clean, healthy water straight from the tap? Better Homes Supplies offer Brita Filtered Water Jugs so you can carry fresh, clean water to anywhere it is needed. As well as the health benefits, food and beverages retain their own flavour without the taint of unfiltered water. And remember kettles and pans last longer when chemicals and hardness have been removed from the water.

Cleaning Solutions
Better Homes Supplies have a great range of cleaners and cleaning accessories to maintain any surface inside or outside your home or business. Nobody wants to waste time and energy cleaning, so we stock popular brands that have been tested over and over by the everyday consumer, so you know you can put in the effort and achieve a great result. Many of our cleaning products can be purchased in large bulk sizing, so you can get more for less and are not forever popping down to the shop because you’ve run out. We have a variety of buckets, mops, moist wipes, dry wipes, sponges, brooms and so much more – everything you need for the quickest, easiest, most effective clean possible.

QUICKLEEN is a revolutionary Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Silver, Aluminium, Metal, & Tile Cleaning System. The Quickleen product has an independent review rating as being the most convenient, effective, easy to use, odourless, cost effective and non toxic cleaning detergent on the market today. Wipe on. Wipe off. The power and speed of Quickleen’s advanced technology cleaner makes it the stainless steel cleaning product of choice for householders, chefs, cleaning companies, practically anyone who needs to clean and shine a metal surface. This product is 11 times more powerful than caustic soda, yet it is safe to use and surprisingly contains no phosphorous. It requires no gloves, it is safe to touch, there are no fumes given off, no odour, no smell and more importantly it has that user friendly wipe on wipe off method. Quickleen sanitizes killing 99.9% of germs. It is safe to touch, smells fresh and is usable without gloves. There is no need for tedious scrubbing and it is SAFE on the environment. One tub of Quickleen can replace a dozen other supermarket cleaning products, saving you money and time.

Carpet Cleaning
LIVE CLEAN love BRITEX Better Homes Supplies are authorised agents for Britex. We have the carpet cleaners for hire and stock the Britex range of carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions which are specially formulated to use with the Britex cleaning system.

Laundry Solutions
We live busy lives, so when it comes to our washing and ironing we need to be able to rely on an efficient, hassle free laundry. Better Homes Supplies stock a variety of wash baskets and trolleys, bulk washing powder & liquid, clothes airers, clothes hoists and lines, replacement line, irons, ironing boards & covers. We also have shelving, cupboards, tubs and wardrobe accessories to sort out your storage needs. If you need to organise your laundry, so your life can be more organised, come in and see how Better Homes Supplies can help.

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